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High Current PCB Lugs is a site providing technical and sourcing information for making large wire terminations to Printed Circuit Boards. Increasingly, the need to carry high amps to, and from, printed circuit boards is key to utilizing the high performance semi-conductors available today for processing electrical power in a large number of innovative ways.    

High Current PCB terminals, using mechanical screw wire compression, are easily connected with a common screw driver or hex wrench and the key to easy field installations which enables field terminals to be disconnected and reconnected readily.

Mechanical wire connectors, securely soldered to single or double sided PCBs, offer UL / CSA robust wire terminations of the type normally seen on industrial panels. 

As ampacities of PCB layouts increase, IHI's range of high current PCB terminal lugs offers solutions which have been field tested for many years in multiple areas of high amperage electronic devices. offers a range of Printed Circuit wire connectors that allow currents in the range of 20-115 Amps continuous. Manufactured by IHI, based on Mentor Ohio, the leading supplier of high amp PCB wire lugs and terminals in this class. 

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Also please see for more prints, specs and data on high current PCB lugs and terminals suitable for wave soldering.


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