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B6A-PCB #6-14AWG
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B6A-PCB (#6-14 AWG) PCB wire terminal. This industrial quality terminal has many years of  field use in applications for Solar Energy invertors and battery controllers.


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This very compact PCB terminal a #6 AWG wire down to #14 or even #16 wires.

For larger than #6 wires please consider the B2 series.  

Each B6A-PCB has a single integrated wave solderable leg. The wire binding screw is stainless steel, for a rust free finish. The heavily plated (copper and tin) aluminum body is also resistant to oxidation and compatible with wave soldering cycles. Aluminum is light, conducts heat and current much better than brass and is compatible with both solid and stranded copper wires.

 The PCB is prepared with one routed slot to accept the downward leg providing both a fat section current path and a torque resisting mounting for the tightening and loosening of the wire binding screw.




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