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The PT-SHUNT is a custom made tin plated copper shunt used for the following:



1. Loop through of current on a pair of (2) adjacent PCB terminals (number B2A-PCB) .

This allows current to flow through a high current bypass in place of the PCB traces. This increases the current capacity and current surge capacity of the loop through configuration.


2. Enabling two feed wires in place of one to allow two times the current to be terminated onto the PCB. The shunted pair ensures balanced current flow and heat sinking back to both terminals. (note paralleling of wires can be subject to limitations under UL/NEC codes for cables under 1/0) 


3. Current shunting on a PCB (without wire terminals). A PT-SHUNT may be used as a “zero ohm resistor” current shunt. Trace to trace transfer of current or for narrowed traces. 


4. As a compact heat sink for a trace hot spot. 

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